296 Barber Ct., Milpitas, CA, 95035 
Full service
Northeastern Chinese cuisine,Taiwanese

Sam Chen, the owner of Darda Seafood Restaurant, an award-winning dine-in eatery in Milpitas, California, wishes to develop his business into an authentic Chinese restaurant that offers a healthy, delicious and enjoyable Muslim concept: No Pork!

This is one of the flagship restaurants in the Milpitas Ranch 99 Shopping Plaza. The restaurant can accommodate up to 160 diners at a time in its 5,000 ft2 area. The moment when Darda began to serve in 1996, it was quickly accepted by the locals. Although the restaurant can certainly be extremely busy, especially on Sundays, it's usually worth the wait. However, service here is very fast even during lunch time when the restaurant is packed. The food is done and immediately served within minutes. Timely delivery service is also guaranteed.

Best things serve at Darda including the Green Onion Pancake, Pickled Vegetables, Spicy Lamb w. Cumin, to name but a few. More and more patrons have been fond of the restaurant’s thick, home-made, knife cut noodles that are excellent in both soups and dried style. The noodles are chewy and have an excellent starchy texture that captures the taste of the soup or sauce. If you are not in the mood of sampling Muslim dishes, Darda has some typical Americanized Chinese food to serve: Mongolian Beef, Chicken w. Chili Sauce, Hot & Spicy Soup and Three Flavored Sizzling Rice Soup are mostly ordered.

The restaurant has grabbed media’s attention and was elected as the “Best Mandarin Cuisine” by World Journal and Singtao Daily many times. Words are somehow a little slack to show you how great the restaurant is. Why not just come and enjoy for yourself?